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Device Protection Plan

RSU5 uses a local protection plan to support the use of devices in our schools.

Annual enrollment is $25 per student. Families with more than one child in grades 6 to 12 pay $20 for each additional child.

When damage occurs to the device, the company repairing these devices determines whether the damage is covered by Apple’s warranty or not. If the damage is covered, there is no charge. If the damage is not covered, the cost may range from $175 to $700. Families that participate in the Device Protection Plan will be responsible for 20% of the repair cost. Families that opt not to participate will be responsible for the full cost of the repair. Students will receive the 13" MacBook Air laptop.

Some examples of non-warrantied damage are:

broken screen
liquid damage
impact damage

Some examples of warrantied damage are:

not turning on
screen irregularities due to manufacturing defect
power issues

A lost or misplaced carrying case is replaced at $15 and a lost or misplaced charger is replaced at $25. Other accessories are replaced at full cost. 

Intentional or negligent damage to the device is not covered under the Device Protection Plan or Apple’s warranty.

The Protection Plan Enrollment Form can be downloaded HERE.

For more information, please visit the RSU5 Technology page or contact your child's school.