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Student Mentors


Faculty advisors: Becky Peterson,   and Lisa Blier,


The Student Mentor Program consists of juniors and seniors who possess strong communication skills, are reliable, have a positive attitude toward school and school activities, and are able to guide and support all freshmen (transfer and exchange students as well) in their transition to Freeport High School. Each 9th grader is paired with an 11th or 12th grade mentor who provides friendship, guidance, and support as students navigate new and challenging circumstances.The ultimate goal of the program is to provide each incoming freshman, transfer student, and foreign exchange student with a friendly face for the first day of school as well as a mentor for the remaining part of the school year.


Within the Student Mentor Program, there is also a Mentor Council. The Mentor Council is a group of 4-5 seniors who will be second year mentors. This group helps create, organize, and lead mentor/mentee events and are willing to commit to an extra meeting a month (during advisory).