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Model United Nations


Faculty advisor: Tim Grivois,


Model United Nations is a club that prepares students to participate in the Model United Nations Conference held each May at the University of Southern Maine in Gorham. The club is open to all interested students. Students represent a country and its position on two global issues in a simulation of a Model United Nations Committee meeting. For example, a student might represent China on the Security Council and attempt to resolve nuclear issues in Iran and border conflicts in Kashmir or work on issues such as refugee camps and child soldiers on the United Nations High Commission on Refugees. Committee sessions are moderated by USM students.

In preparation for the 3-day conference attended by about 900 students from New England, students meet a couple of times during the fall semester for organizational purposes and then meet one night a week, (selected by the students) during the spring semester to learn parliamentary procedure, research their countries and positions, prepare position papers, and practice negotiations, speech making and resolution writing in a fun, collegial atmosphere. This is a great co-curricular activity for students interested in international affairs, global geography and honing skills that will make them globally aware and successful college students and citizens.