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Social Studies


The Social Studies department offers a required three-year sequence of courses:

9th grade: a full year of Global Studies

10th grade: a semester of American Government & Economics and a semester of Modern World Conflict

11th grade: a full year of American History

Each course builds on the one before, with a rising progression of expectations for mastery of content and skills. The department also offers elective courses that focus on specific sub-disciplines and continue the sequence of expectations. The aim is to develop the skills, attitude, and knowledge necessary for the student to understand and participate in the complex modern world.

Each course is built around our standards:

A.  Civics: Demonstrate an understanding of political systems and the role of citizens in the United States and the world.

B. Economics: Students will demonstrate an understanding of economic concepts, systems, and structures.

C. Geography: Demonstrate an understanding of physical, human, and environmental geography in order to explain relationships and challenges facing human cultures.

D. History: Demonstrate knowledge of major eras, enduring themes, turning points and historic influences to explain the relevance and importance of history.

We emphasize usage of historical thinking skills, including (but not limited to):

- Argumentation

- Evaluation & Synthesis

- Claim-Evidence-Reasoning

- Corroboration

- Contextualization