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Science and Technology


The world around us continues to change and be changed at a rapid rate.  Science and technology provides us with tools to understand the changes as well as the knowledge and processes to address the challenges they provide.  To be successful in this global society, students must access, understand and evaluate current information and tools related to science and technology.  The study of science includes processes and a body of knowledge.  Processes are the way that scientists investigate and communicate about the natural world.  The body of knowledge includes concepts, principles, facts, laws and theories about the way the world around us works.  In a world shaped by science and technology it is important for students to learn how science and technology connect with the demands of society and the knowledge of all content areas.

Science Prerequisite courses:  All students must take Earth Systems Science or Honors Earth Systems Science, Biology or Honors Biology, and either Chemistry, Physics or Chemistry in The Community in order to demonstrate proficiency in core science concepts.