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The Math Department strives to help students build skills through critical thinking and problem solving. We offer classes ranging from Pre-Algebra to AP Calculus, as well as, a few electives such as Personal Finance and Residential Architecture. In all of our classes, students are encouraged to communicate their ideas, persevere through problems, reflect on and take ownership of their learning. 

Our core classes build off each other so it is important to stay focused on your learning and get a good foundation right from the start.

The Math Department Standards are:


Mathematical Reasoning

Students will use quantitative, abstract and spatial reasoning in problem solving


Algebra Skills & Techniques

Students will manipulate algebraic expressions and interpret and solve algebraic equations


Functions & Relations

Students will interpret, analyze and construct functions and relations


Statistics & Probability

Students will interpret, infer, and use statistics and probability to analyze data and reach and justify conclusions


Mathematical Practices

Students will communicate mathematically, make use of structure and tools, and model with mathematics