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Core Values & Beliefs



Freeport High School is committed to integrity, community, perseverance, and creativity.  We celebrate individuality and empower students to achieve their highest personal aspirations in the pursuit of excellence.


We value Integrity 

  • Those with integrity treat others and themselves with respect, honesty, kindness, and fairness. 

We value Community

  • Those who value community embrace relationships, celebrate diversity, display empathy, and nurture well-being 

We value Perseverance

  • Those who persevere take ownership of their learning, embrace challenge, and aspire to achieve their potential in the face of difficulties.

We value Creativity

  • Those who are creative engage their world with a spirit of curiosity, take risks, and approach problem solving in innovative ways.

Beliefs about learning:  We are...


  • We believe that when we take responsibility for our learning, we are empowered to become collaborative learners who are proficient at seeking support and are self-directed.

Critical thinkers

  • We believe that when we examine a problem or challenge from multiple perspectives with an open mind and a questioning spirit, we are able to enrich our understanding of the world.

Effective communicators

  • We believe that when we articulate our thoughts and listen actively, we are able to effectively engage others, collaborate within our community, and reflect on our strengths and weaknesses.

Problem solvers

  • We believe that when we take initiative, use a variety of approaches and strategies, and learn from both our successes and failures, we are able to solve complex and important problems.